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It’s finally out!

I’m told writing a blog is a good way to promote my new app. But writing my thoughts is quite a challenge being highly dyslexic. To be honest I was terrified to write anything. So this won’t be a traditional blog, sometimes there will be drawing, abbreviations, and even bullet points when sentences are too hard.


Of course I have to start with Dyslexia Tool Kit is finally out in the Apple App store. FINALLY!

Don’t panic – the android and amazon one will be coming later!


Dyslexia Tool Kit App is for the dyslexic student or student with learning difficulties.

  • Essential for parents who would like to help his or her child
  • A great tool for teachers
  • Essential self help for students


This is written by a dyslexic person who has gone through educational war.

I think it would be great help to any dyslexic student. Everything to help you is in one place and easy to understand. NO DICTIONARIES NEEDED!

Don’t hesitate to go check out Dyslexia Tool Kit!