ALL NEW Kindle E-book

The Dyslexia Tool Kit E-book has just been completed and is now available in the Amazon Book store.

Book Description:

Dyslexia Tool Kit is a helpful guide for students with dyslexia or learning difficulties between the age of 11 -21. It is written by a dyslexic for a dyslexic who has gone through all types of academic systems. It is also a helpful guide for teachers and parents with struggling students. Dyslexia Tool Kit talks about the emotional side of Dyslexia and trick and tools to help the dyslexic student. There are many options and personal stories to motivate the dyslexic student.

Emotional side of Dyslexia (Some topics)
  1. School System
  2. Know Your Rights
  3. How to Cope
  4. Confidence
  5. Know How to Pick Yourself Up

Tricks and Tools (some topics)
  1. Spelling
  2. Reading
  3. Time Management
  4. Tests
  5. Classes
It covers everything important to assist a dyslexic to handle the academic world.