About Us

As a highly dyslexic person I have had to maneuver through educational systems that certainly did not cater to me, a dyslexic.

My intention, because of the difficulties I face, reading age of 5 when I was 7 years of age, is to help the dyslexic student cope and handle the normal educational system. No one understands what we dyslexics go through on a daily basis in this world of education. It is an emotional rollercoaster while fighting to keep our head above water in the average class room.

It has taken years to compile all of this information used in the making of the Dyslexia Tool Kit (DTK). Having gone through many different school systems, such as the Caribbean, the American, Canadian and British, this has allowed me to teach myself and create different ways to manage the educational systems. It is this journey I am hoping to use for my DTK to benefit others.

With much determination and assistance from open minded, kind teachers and well informed testers I was able to achieve both a BA and a Masters.

To my fellow dyslexic: You can do anything you want with a little determination, creativity, and a ton of HUMOUR.

To the parent, guardian or teacher: Dyslexia is not a disease it is an accessing difficulty or difference. Please, bare that in mind when trying to understand or help a dyslexic child.