Dyslexia Tool Kit

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DTK One in seven children are dyslexic and the educational system doesn’t always cater to them. Since the educational system isn’t changing anytime soon, DTK is assistance in how it is possible to get through the educational system and shows some options out there. Everyone has the right to learn, grades should not be the only focus.

I am passionate about any assistance I can give. There are options for the dyslexic person to cope in the academic world. I have written these products with this assistance in mind. I believe once given the options and being allowed to access and understand given information, the possibilities are endless.

What is Dyslexia Tool Kit?

It is implements designed to help the dyslexic student handle the academic and emotional issues of the academic world. It has tricks, tools, and personal stories for the dyslexic student to understand and manage in this academic world.

This is also a helpful tool for teachers and parents to understand a little more about a dyslexic mind set.

We have several different version of the DTK depending on your mobile or tablet device. We even have an eBook version available because we believe information should be accessible in every form depending on the individual preference.



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